PTB Pyramid Head Chase theme was sooo much better than what we have now.

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His current theme isn't bad by any means, but man I recently watched MintSkull's video about chase themes and that PTB version is insanely good. How this isn't what we have right now is a mystery to me. Please go listen to it yourself if you haven't heard it. It fits him perfectly, in every way, and fits Silent Hill perfectly as well. I would love it we could have this theme replace the current one. It's not an impossibility and would be incredible. Please BHVR.


  • Smoe
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    I don't agree with Mintskull's tierlist video on alot of his placements and his reasoning behind his placements.

    As far as Pyramid goes, his current chase track fits him better than his ptb did for the simple reason that it's much closer to the vibe Silent Hill 2 has with it's soundtrack and the heavy industrial noises used for it, where as the ptb chase track for Pyramid has more of a Silent Hill 1 vibe to it.

    I'd be fine with an option to choose between which chase tracks to listen to, but having it replace the current one is a big no for me.

  • GroßusSchmiedus
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    Mintskulls video was quite horrible overall for many reasons such as nonsensical placements.

    However i think we should be able to chose between several versions of music, cause why not.