Lery's seems to be doubling up on everything.

Orthane Member Posts: 389

When someone brought the map offering it spawned 2 basements and there were pallets EVERYWHERE. No jokes, 5 pallets within 8 meters in a corner which is definitely not intended, I do not remember Lery's having this many pallets. It seemed to be spawning things everywhere they could spawn. In the center area there were also 2 hooks right next to each other AND basement at the same time, while also having the basement in the office spawn as well.

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  • Alex_
    Alex_ Member Posts: 143

    huh? i've only noticed the double basement so far.

    tbf i had this one killer match where i was struggling really hard and i felt like they had a very strong version of lerys, but i dont think it was like THAT...

    but i read the bugfixes every patch, so by then we shall know

  • YamamuraVideoRentals

    I have noticed the double basements on Lery's in lights out mode. And there's no offerings in that mode! It doesn't happen all the time, but I saw it happen twice.

  • Marc_123
    Marc_123 Member Posts: 3,343

    Had the double basement today.

    Got the white glyph and the glyph "station" was only in one basement.

  • Dexorf
    Dexorf Member Posts: 6

    Encountered the double basement just now.

    In case these are useful - a recording and a log file below.