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Anyone else disappointed with the new killer?


In the teasers we see this creepy monster mimicking people's voices and presumably their appearances too like when it lured that one guy at the dinner, so tell me why doesn't he do that in game? I swear they did the exact same thing with legion, we see two random survivor running away only for one of them to actually turn put to be the new killer. It feels like their afraid to add a killer that has the ability to become a mimic of the survivors. Some people say they don't do it because then people in voice chat will be able to counter them, but I feel like that's a lazy excuse. Almost every killer is at a disadvantage when voice com come into play and it's not like the killer would transform into the same survivor every time just have it rotate though the 4 different survivors. It also doesn't need to mimic the survivor cosmetic make them default, or hell make it randomize you're cosmetics that way people who pay attention in solo que can have some counter play. I feel like theirs no denying that this type of killer would be incredibly fun for both sides and I'm shocked the dev teams keeps wasting this opportunity.


  • Vorahk08
    Vorahk08 Member Posts: 228

    A mimic killer would essentially be a stealth killer. In general, stealth killers do quite badly relative to killers with dash abilities, ranged abilities, or teleport abilities. The main counterplay to a mimic killer would basically be to spread out, avoid other survivors, and pump out gens. A killer who relies on their ability to mimic survivors in order to get close to them would probably be frustrated because survivors will just start prerunning against other survivors, while survivors who are left alone will continue gens. There's enough self-heal perks in the game, including Sable's new one, to make this strategy viable. If someone did get caught and hooked, then survivors would be assured that their rescuer is real and coordinate with them. It would hurt a mimic killer quite a bit.

    Ultimately, while a mimic killer could be fun in the beginning, it would likely become boring or frustrating for killer players after the first couple weeks.