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Help with Tome 9 Trickster Challenge


Can somebody please help me? For Tome 9 - Crescendo, level 3, there’s a challenge that’s bugging me. It’s the one that says

“Knock down 2 survivors with blades during the main event as Trickster”

I am so confused. All I have been doing is simply downing survivors with blades during Trickster’s main event. Can anyone please tell me if I am perhaps missing somethings or if this might me a bug with the challenge?


  • Alex_
    Alex_ Member Posts: 143

    Do you play the game in english or another language? Because in other languages there are often translation issues. I will take a look at what i can see once i get home. for now, you might need to down them during the same main event (which is harder since his rework)

  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 14,506

    Either as mentioned it has to be during same main event or the challenge might really be buggy. It happens with ‚older‘ tome challenges I guess since regression test will not really cover them. Also the Trickster rework was after that tome, right? Then it’s very likely that the changes affected the challenge and it is buggy..