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The game does not run on a discrete video card Rtx 3060 laptop.


Platform: Acer Nitro 5 AN 515-57-55ZS (rtx 3060 laptop (95W), i5-11400H)

My problem: I have two video cards in my laptop, one from the processor (Intel UHD Graphisc) and the second discrete rtx 3060 laptop. When I log into the game, the picture in the lobby and in the game starts to lag. I found out that my game only works on Intel UHD Graphisc. What have I tried... And I reinstalled the drivers and set it for Dead by Daylight in the Nvidia Control Panel High-performance Nvidia processor and set the same thing in the game parameters in Windows (I have Windows 11 home). None of this helped. How can I solve this problem? Or should you wait for an update from the developers, in which they will add, like in Call Of Duty, a choice of video card in the game settings. Thanks in advance for your answer!

How often does this occur: Constantly when starting the game.