PS5 - Perk selections aren't saving anymore. It resets to my previous perks when I logout.

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  1. Select a survivor.
  2. Modify their perks.
  3. Maybe play games for a while.
  4. Logout and/or close the game.
  5. Next time you go to that survivor, their perks have reset to their previous perks, or to no perks at all on newly unlocked survivors.

A while back, I had a glitch where my UI got stuck in the lobby while everyone else entered the game because I bought an item in the bloodweb simultaneously. I'm not sure if this could have something to do with it.

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    More information:

    I'm on PS5, but I play SWF with two Steam friends. Sometimes they leave the party before I do.

    I bought a new survivor, and this is affecting them differently.

    When I logout and log in again, it reverts to my previously selected survivor, and my new survivor shows the popup describing his perks when I select him again, and then his perks/addons/offerings are all empty.

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