Game consistently crashing mid game resulting in major penalties being accrued

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 I’m noticing the servers crashing a lot more these days, mid game. It’s just happened to me twice in the space of an hour. The first time, citing “dedicated server not responding” the second simply telling me to check my internet connection or that one is required to play the game.

I’ve verified on multiple occasions that it is NOT my internet connection and that means it can only be a fault on BHVR’s end.

Devs, when are you going to acknowledge this issue? It’s been a recurring problem for well over 6 months now with multiple threads made on your own forums and it still hasn’t been acknowledged, investigated or rectified. I’m sat here, writing this, on my second 15 minute penalty tonight. I just want to play the game.

I get it might be an issue to know whether it was an intentional DC, someone pulling the wire thinking it will avoid a penalty or the servers crashing so if you’re not going to go down that route, at least investigate the problem please… I know the devs are active in this sub and I will be making the same post on the forums hoping for acknowledgement.

It’s happening on all platforms, sometimes disconnecting my entire swf at once and we’re all left with a penalty. For me, it’s reached half an hour before finally getting a decent run of games.

theres nothing specific that triggers the server to crash, from what I can see, it just happens, usually when on a gen or performing an unhook.

i know there are MANY in this community you’ve built, begging that you finally investigate this. There’s threads on Reddit, dating months and months back, saying the same issue thought it seems to be happening a LOT more now…

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