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Is singularity working as intended?


I have not played DBD in a while, so after my absence I thought to play some singulairty cuz I thoroughly enjoy the killer. But I've played three games with him and found this 'bug' but I really don't know if it is or isn't since no one else is seemingly talking about it.

Basically when using the biopod and attempting to tag a survivor u can only tag a survivor when you're looking at them through the edges of the circle (the meter that fills up). And if you begin to tag a survivor but it somehow stops filling up the bar, it will not go up unless you exit and enter the biopod again. I've played on Yamaoka Estate and Thompson House, there was no obstruction (corn, tall grass, etc) between me and survivors.

So is this intended? Am I supposed to look at survivors at the edge of the circle? I'm just asking cuz I know that in the past you can look at them directly on crosshair and it would tag. Is anyone else having the issue or am I insane?