Strength in Shadows healing progress not always displayed

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Minor visual bug. As the title says; healed myself repeatedly with the perk, and the progress of the heal did not show. Stopping and restarting the heal didn't fix it. To be clear: I still got the heal, the bar just didn't fill up at all.

Edit: it showed up in other games... It bugged out while on Dead Dawg Saloon, but not Coldwind.

(playing on PC, Steam)

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review.


  • TrinityBabe
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    Happened to me too, I managed to get a video of it happening

  • ohheyitsbobcat
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    Updating to say this bug is still in the game.

    Just got out of a match on Shelter Woods as Sable. It happened exactly the same as the video above.


  • NotJared
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    This is happening to me.

    I've included my logs with the most recent game where it happened to me, if it should help: