Repeated server crashes/disconnects since Blood Moon update

BigBrefis Member Posts: 3

Over the last ten days, I have repeatedly been disconnected due to your servers crashing for my game. It's not on my end, but I am receiving disconnection bans.

I have played for 4 years, with no history of rage quitting, with over 3,000 hours on the game. I can count on one hand how many times a power or cable outage has caused me to disconnect from a match, over years, prior to last week. Since last week, it has happened more than a half dozen times. I am currently up to a 24-hour ban, and missing significant time during the Blood Moon event.

I have a stable, wired connection. I have repeatedly reset my router and refreshed my IP address. My gateway tests consistently read over 100% efficiency, and no other game I have played has experienced any connection issue. Nor has any device in my home, during these times. I have added no new devices to my network, and made no changes to my service.

When searching the problem online, I am finding many people on Reddit and Twitter having the same issue, as of late.

I just want the issue resolved, so I can get back into the game, and not lose even more time, for reasons that are out of my control. Please stabilize this problem, patch this bug, whatever needs to be done, and lift the ban so that I can return to the game.

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  • MeriliM
    MeriliM Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Same. I have had many issues with the game crashing turning the event and now i have a two day ban thanks to behaviour not fixing the event.

  • mancy423
    mancy423 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    same, but if I connect to the japanese server, it 's ok

  • missionnhunter
    missionnhunter Member Posts: 39

    same, my game crashes mid round about every 10th round or so, about half hour ban now and it's getting annoying.