med-kit improvement - Suggestions


Med-Kits have received a nerf that suggests to me that the idea is to use them on others not on yourself, so here are my suggestions to improving this aspect!

Purple Med: Increases the speed in which other players are healed by 100%, reduces the charges used when healing others with it by 25%, show all other survivor players your aura when healing someone with it!

Green Med-Kit: increase the speed in which it heals others to 125%.

Yellow Med: increase speed in which it heals other players to 75%. When healing another survivor their sounds of pain are reduced by 75%!

Brown Med: increase the speed in which it heals others to 50%, increase its charges to 32, decrease efficiency when healing self to 50%.

Add an add on that increases speed in which other survivors are healed when healing somebody else with it!

Add an add on that increases efficiency (less charges used) when healing others with it.

Anti-Henorrhagic Syringe: Provides 2 health stages healed when used on somebody else (still keeps its 16 second timer). / OR heals 1 health state in 3-5 seconds when used on somebody else!

Styptic Agent Add on provides 15 seconds of Endurance and 3% Haste when used on another survivor!

Increase the size of both bonus skill check size add ons by 5%.

While the med-kits received an overhaul their add ons stayed mostly the same these changes as well as bonus add ons should encourage people to use them for their new role a bit more instead of still using them to only self heal!


  • jonifire
    jonifire Member Posts: 1,437

    Honestly they should just revert medkits, there is literally no difference between grey and purple and I don‘t like the heal other’s concept. They could make that an addon, but that should be it.

  • fussy
    fussy Member Posts: 1,197

    So buff it to stronger state, than they were before nerf? Lmao, ofc

  • イエローミント
    イエローミント Member Posts: 166

    I don't agree with the content, but I do agree that there isn't enough benefit for the rarity level.

    Restoring the medkit's capacity to its original state and maintaining the current version only for the time it takes for self-healing seems desirable. I feel there's no need for a decrease in efficiency during self-healing.

  • MrPenguin
    MrPenguin Member Posts: 2,357
    edited March 23

    As long as we keep the self-heal reduction I'm not against buffing the teamplay aspects, or at least making them more interesting.

    Maybe not such a drastic jump as giving everyone "We'll make it" in a med kit might be a bit much. But we could definitely test it out.

  • xltechno
    xltechno Member Posts: 1,026

    That's a pretty bad adjustment plan. Please adjust the performance settings more carefully.