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Why was I banned for "association"? I never did any cheating, so why was I perma-banned with no fair chance of appeal? Making an account on another website with no association with DBD or BHVR doesn't mean I did any cheating nor had any intention to. I was never given a fair chance to plead my case or make an appeal. If you had any evidence of me cheating then I would have gotten a response saying that I had cheated and was banned for it. However, I was told that I was banned for being "associated" with accounts or sources of activity that breaks the EULA. That tells me that there is no evidence of me cheating, meanwhile there a plenty of posts about other people actually cheating, about reporting actual cheating, yet I'm the one in the crosshairs? Why was I punished for doing nothing wrong?

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I'm afraid we do not discuss Bans here on the Forum, nor are we able to assist with them here. And if your appeal was denied by Support, I'm afraid there are no further appeals, as noted here:

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