Unable to play on the bloodmoon event at all

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Currently, 100% of the time i get into the loading screen to get into the match will not load, i have waited up to 1 hour and nothing happens, this is such a shame because this event has a big bloodpoint multiplier and i cannot play at all, i would like atleast a tiny compensation, i have been trying to play for the last 5 days, still nothing

-steps to replicate: launch the game

-click play and choose either killer or survivor

-find a match quite quickly and try to load in

-wait around 15min or 1 hour and waste all your time.

IMPORTANT: after waiting for 1 hour the game says this :

HOST UNREACHABLE: unable to reach the game host. please check your network settings. if the problem persists, please attempt to join a different session

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This seems to be a technical issue, if you still require assistance you can ask other forum users in the Ask the Community section ( https://forums.bhvr.com/dead-by-daylight/categories/ask-a-question) since we do not offer technical support on this platform.

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