Getting penalized for getting kicked from dedicated server

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This issue has been happening to me for the last month or two and now it’s daily. It’s frequent and it happens several times while playing. I keep getting kicked from the game with the killer because the “ dedicated server is not responding”

then I’m getting penalized for 15 -58 minutes at a time to play again. Here are some screenshots of this happening on both ends the killer and the survivor end. I did notice I only get penalized when this happens to me as a survivor not the killer.

is there a way to make it so only if you leave the game you get a warning that you will be penalized or only if you go AFK for over 5 to 7 minutes then that happens? Not when you’re getting kicked from the game against your will… thank you so much in advance!

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    Just to clarify, the error being reported by the game is incorrect. Your client is disconnecting. This has happened to me a bunch too, and one time was with a streamer in the lobby. The dedicated server was 'fine' and the game continued as normal, aside from suddenly spiking red for everybody in the lobby and two people dropping.

    Now, it SHOULDN'T be disconnecting at all. They made some change around the end of January (Alan Wake patch) that made this happen much more frequently, and it's gotten even worse with the Unknown patch. Likely lowered or changed the threshold for what it considers a disconnect in some way, intentionally or accidentally. But since they don't comment on any of this in patch notes, and refuse to explain it in the forums, nobody has any idea.

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