Game freezing and disconnects.

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Platform: Xbox series X

issue has only been occurring since the start of the blood moon event.

Can’t exactly pinpoint what causes it as it seems to happen almost at random on which games will be affected.

the main issue is the constant drop in ms and the yellow bar icon showing. This leads to lag and teleporting but normally stops after a while. It’s only happened once but this happened to everyone in one of my matches where we all had over 200+ ms and it was a struggle to finish the game.

in my case I’ve been having this issue where randomly mid game the game will freeze for a few seconds before booting me out of the game stating ‘you’ve been disconnected from the host’. I’ve quadruple checked my internet at this point thinking it was an issue on my end but it’s not. Due to these constant disconnects I’ve racked up a dc penalty of 6 hours so at times I can no longer play the game because of it.

as far as I can tell bhvr has yet to address anything about the server issues or memory leak or at least nothing was mentioned in the patch yesterday.

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