PC - Stutter/Slow When Trying to Run

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PC - Steam, using xbox controller.

As survivor (have not noticed on killer, don't play killer that much), when running, many times I stutter or just start walking/going slower instead of sprinting. Isn't linked to map, survivor, controller hardware. I'm not sure what causes the bug, but it does trigger at random points during each match. Makes it incredibly hard to even run across the map, forget about being chased! I have to play with a controller due to certain hand issues, so switching to m&k isn't an option for me.

Have tried with no change to the bug:

changing perks/survivor

rebooting computer/steam

verifying files

remapping buttons on controller

using a different controller

loading into different regions (ie swfing w/ my friend on the east coast us when I'm west coast)

having item/not having an item

public/private matches

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