Decisive attack must nullify the killer's power for 10 seconds

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  • increasing the duration to 5 seconds will still make no difference against a nurse and a blight. We are being tunneled in every match, the decisive attack urgently needs to be buffed more. The incapacitated effect has to be added for a few seconds at the discretion of the behavior to have a chance of gaining distance from a tunneling nurse, blight and hillbilly. This effect won't make any difference to weaker killers, but against tier S it will. And since we can only use it once, the duration should be the same as the OTR.


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    5 seconds is more than enough time to break line of sight for both of those killers. Especially if there's a juicy blind on the stun.

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    You need to hold your horses and see what is going to happen in the PTB. It was fine back in the day and Nurse was around I think you're jumping the gun here. Also it would be unfair for other killers especially M1 killers.

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    The stun penalty doesn't mean anything for killers like Nurse who can just instantly down them again. I think 10 seconds of having power disabled is long but a 3sec DS stun with 5-7seconds of killer power disabled would be very reasonable imo and probably healthier for the game.

    5 seconds of stun is better than nothing but disabling at least some killer powers upon DS activation should be the way BHVR handles this.

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    Just give the survivor a few seconds of BT. That way Nurse and Blight can't get the down before the survivor reaches a viable loop, and killers don't get their powers sealed away.

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    Yeah I read some other arguments around here and I'm on board with the change as well now.

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    As I've recommended in other threads, I think it should be 5s per gen remaining. That way at 1 gen it lasts 5s, and 5 gens it lasts 25s.

    Then don't tunnel and pickup the Survivor that rescued or the other two instead? Why is this such a herculean task to chase the remaining 75% of the lobby? Or at the very least bait out a CA from the Survivor before tunneling them.

    This is the actual issue. There needs to be a basekit solution, that doesn't require 4 people all bringing the same perk. I've recommended full on invisibility (for the same 10s of basekit BT, ended short on CA) in the past (like Spirit when phasing can't see Survivors), but I would have it include all visual and audio clues. (Grunts of pain/Scratch Marks/Pools of Blood/Vomiting when infected/etc.) I would also disable Distortion/Iron Will/other 'hiding' perks when you have less hooks than any other Survivor. That way Killer can find people that aren't a 'tunnel target'.

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    As much as I love DS and as a fellow DS advocate, perhaps making the survivor leave no scratch marks or pools of blood for 5-10 seconds should be healthier.

    It provides an extra tool of escape for survivors but still allows killers to use their abilities.

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    Why is this such a herculean task to chase the remaining 75% of the lobby?

    because I remember old DS, where survivors loved to body block the killer, then jumped into locker. I am going to punish that.

    If they forced DS, I know they are without a protection, so why wouldn't I tunnel them at that point?

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    The problem is everyone remembers DS without CA's. That is what made it unfair. There was a shorter stint where DS had CA's, and was 5s, and that was fair.

    1.2.1 to just before 2.6 (Oct 2016 → Mar 2019) was the janky DS the Killer after any pickup.
    Then 2.6 to before 2.6.3 (Mar 2019 → Apr 2019) started to work as we know it now, with 3s Stun.
    Then 2.6.3 to before 3.0 (Apr 2019 → Jun 2019) lasted 5s with Enduring reducing the stun timer.
    Then 3.0 to before 4.6 (Jun 2019 → Mar 2021) lasted 5s, with no CAs.
    Then 4.6 to before 6.1 (Mar 2021 → Jul 2022) had CA's with Blessing added in 5.4 (Nov 2021).
    Then 6.1 to before 7.7 (Jul 2022 → Apr? 2024) had CA's with no endgame usage & disabled in endgame.

    In that timespan, we had ~2.5 years of jank 5s DS, ~2.25 years of (effective) 3s DS (~0.5 without CA's ~1.75 with and no endgame), ~1.75 years of 5s without CAs and worked in endgame, ~1.25 years of 5s with CAs. So the fair version we had lasted for less than 1/6th of the total time its been in the game. (Personally I think it working in endgame is also fine, but I understand they wanted a 'no such thing as tunneling in endgame' [imo mostly for Kobes].)

    Essentially you are remembering 5/6ths of historic DS that doesn't apply to the new version.

    As far as burning a perk because they meme at a locker instead of being useful, that is perfectly fine. They decided to misuse a limited resource and get burned for it. Dropping Shack pallet to try to get Legion out of power when they just activated it is equally foolish, and punished similarly overall.

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    They decided to misuse a limited resource and get burned for it.

    Exactly and I am going to punish them for it every time.

    I don't mind going for other survivors, but if someone wants my attention, I will give it to them.

  • Dream_Whisper
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    I would prefer 4 seconds stun, and a simple power token reset, so that killers like Nurse and Blight cannot used their power immediately as they need to wait for their power to reset.

    We do not need to punish slow m1 killers with no power for 10 seconds, as it would be eternity in game time. Plus SWF could exploit this by stacking DS agaisnt the killer and forcing it everytime.