PC - Wesker Throw Bug

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Unsure of how you would replicate the bug

Realm: Coldwind - Rancid Abatoir

Survivor: Nicholas Cage

Perks: Prove Thyself, Bond, Deja Vu, Champion of Light

Killer: Wesker (Me)

Agitation, Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, Brutal Streng, Barbeque & Chili

Event took place near Main, Ada had just unhooked Nicholas and finished healing when I hit Nicholas with Wesker's Power, after making contact and throwing the Survivor the Survivor was stuck in the air. I downed the Survivor, let them wiggle off and they were unable to move. After, I downed him again, picked up Nicholas and carried him to another Survivor so they could heal him. Ada told me that on contact while trying to heal she was placed into deep wound state.

Video of the bug occurring from my POV:

Video of the bug occurring from Ada POV:

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