PC- Missing Infected Black L4D Nea Cosmetic

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On 3/27//24 i noticed that my "Infected - Black L4D" Nea Cosmetic was missing from my cosmetics. Here is proof of ownership and proof of it no longer in my inventory. Originally, the black version with the red hand was right next to the red version with the black hand. If anyone could help me with this bug or let me know if it was removed, that be great. thanks!
https://gyazo.com/49cd22f894d23c837f800da4c044c0b2 https://gyazo.com/3d8daf7411d90a9fbdc23f0175ddfdba

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    Yeah, the shirts are currently gone from all survivors. Yesterday I tried unfollowing and re-following DBD on Steam, which for a moment seemed to fix the issue. I got the shirts back upon launching the game.

    But when I closed the game and came back later, they were gone again.

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