No Red Ping in Lobby. Constant Red Ping in match.

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I queued up as killer on Xbox Series X and went AFK while the game found me a match and started up a trial. I did not get to see the lobby. The match went horribly because of rubber-banding due to lag. I thought to myself "guess I can't go AFK anymore; I have to babysit the lobby to make sure the ping isn't red."

Fast forward to the next match. I stick around to check the lobby for a high-ping warning. None. Match starts, and I have a high-ping warning the entire match, again. And again, it went horribly because of rubber-banding. Bad enough I get matched against P100 beam lords who can blind me while I'm facing a wall.

Anyway. Next lobby, same thing. Next match, same thing.

I tried to clip it, but the Series S only records back 1 minute, not 2 minutes like the Xbox One. So glad I paid $600 for an "upgrade" to next gen console.

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