Locking a Banner behind one specific cosmetic feels like unfair/rip off


To get this banner, which you can see down below, you need to purchasing Kate's Up-Beat Cosmetic - purchasing any other cosmetic from the Techwear Collection won't give you this banner (no matter whether you purchasing for a cosmetic for Zarina Kassir, Jonah Vasquez, Nea Karlsson, David King, and The Trickster, The Legion, Mikaela Reid, Meg Thomas, Yun-Jin Lee, Vittorio Toscano or you already have one of these). You did a similar thing with Chucky which was akward but okay at least this had Chucky's face and was specific for Chucky. But this banner has nothing to do with Kate. There is no photo/picture of Kate, no autograph or anything related to Kate. This banner is a general Techwearbanner. As a result, this decision makes no sense and feels like a rip off.

Now you can say, this is just one banner. True, but I am afraid that the developers will do this more and more often in the future: You must purchasing one random cosmetic to get one random banner/badge. It would be much fairer and better if you get this banner by purchasing any cosmetic from the Techwear Collection.

Source: This statement from the official BHVR-Account on X/Twitter


  • NightKrowe
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    idk how an unnecessary cosmetic is a ripoff to you. it's not even an in-game cosmetic it's a match screen one.

  • LapisInfernalis
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    edited April 7

    yeah. If you want us to buy a cosmetic from the new collections then let us choose which one. That wasn't so difficult with AoT, RE or Cats and Dogs….

  • BugReporterOnly
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    They said there might be a couple more but will make sure it is any from the collection in the future.