All platforms. Nurse fov and animation bugs

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All platforms. Nurse fov and animations were changed during 7.4.0 PTB. And by "changed" i mean they are bugged. Im going to provide a list of everything thats wrong and werent in the game before 7.4.0 PTB

  1. Her fatigue animation is very clunky. After the blink she looks straight down and then snaps right back up very rapidly. Some players might get motion sickness from that.
  2. Nurse's fov is much closer than it was before. Her hands are closer to the screen than they were to be.
  3. Because of her FOV bug i mentioned earlier she can see through lockers without opening them, see through walls on various maps and many other textures. That makes it very unfair for survivors.
  4. Her hands feel very clunky as well. Her left hand (while holding a blink) doesnt move at all, for example: if you look straight at the sky, as every other killer (except ghostface, his fov is bugged as well), your hands would move towards your screen. In nurse's case - her left doesnt move at all! It stucked in one position. On the other side, her right hand moves very freely, even in the hitting animation.

Its been bugged since 7.4.0 PTB to the latest 7.7.0 PTB.

I will provide the screenshots down below for better understanding of the situation.

Credits for the screenshots - @Mr_K

Before 7.4.0

After 7.4.0

Nurse seeking through a locker without directly opening it

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