OTR is granting multiple mend states

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You’re only supposed to get put into the mend state once while OTR is active. Currently, OTR is granting multiple mend states for the whole time it’s active, allowing you to self-mend and get put back into mend state if hit by the killer. It seems to be a bug with the endurance status effect, however, people are abusing & exploiting the OTR bug and personally, OTR should be killswitched.

  • How to reproduce: go into a custom with friends, put on OTR, get hooked and unhooked - have the friend on killer hit you once so it puts you into the mend state. self-mend and after self-mending, have them hit you again. repeat.

  • Platform: all

This bug started after the last patch update.

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Thank you for taking the time to report this. Please upvote, or add any additional information, to the initial report here: https://forums.bhvr.com/dead-by-daylight/discussion/410005/off-the-record-unlimited-uses#latest


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    Today, while playing Survivor, I witnessed a moment when an ally exploited this bug to escape and T-bagged in front of the gate, which is very uncomfortable. It should be promptly kill-switched. Or is this not a problem because the survivor is able to escape?

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    I just ran into this last night on live servers while playing twins and they abused it heavily. Even told me in after chat they used one OTR to body block 4 hits with Victor. Every time one of them was unhooked they follow around their other teammates in pairs to body block and then insta kick Victor. By the time I could resummon Victor and get back to them they had mended and could tank another hit. Rinse and repeat over and over for 80 seconds on every single OTR.

    Multiple body blocks from one OTR is a very exploitable bug. I do think this is killswitch worthy with how abusable this is.

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