The Cenobite bug.

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There is a bug that occurs every time you play as The Cenobite. Anytime you go to summon a chain anywhere in the environment and start casting out the chain, this bug will widen your field of view drastically, and then decreases, the moment the chain has reached its maximum distance or collided into an object. This bug also occurs while the summoned chain is still mobile and turning.

Step 1: Open up a Killer lobby, as The Cenobite.

Step 2: Join a Public match.

Step 3: Spawn into a trial, as The Cenobite.

Step 4: Summon a chain out in front of you, at any given distance.

Step 5: Cast the summoned chain out anywhere in the environment.

Now, as I have only just discovered this bug yesterday, I do not know if this bug only occurs on my Xbox One, or anyone else's console. But this bug needs to be fixed ASAP. I'm also not sure if this bug interferes with the recently new "FOV Slider", but if this is, this needs to be patched out straight away. This bug can be game breaking, and quite disorientating for all players.

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