Basement on Toba Landing bugged (too dark)

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The basement on Toba Landing seems to be bugged. If you walk down the stairs, then there comes a point from where you can't see anything, and it seems like you got Dredges Nightfall.

I've attached a picture of it. You couldn't even see the other end of the stairs.

The round was against a Nemesis and NOT Dredge. The bug occurred right after the overhang from basement. The bug also occurred before getting blindness from Ultimate Weapon. The known perks from the Survivors were Kindred; Resilience; Made for This; Dead Hard & Strength in Shadows.

I play on Epic Games Store, but a friend who played on Nintendo Switch saw the bug also.

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. This problem has already been reported and it's currently under review.

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