Legendary Character Skins

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I am sure this has been posted on here at some point before BUT, I feel like it would be cool if Legendary Characters were able to get skins of their own or bloody cosmetics.

It is sorta disappointing that Chris and Claire Redfield, two of the most beloved characters in the Resident Evil franchise are relegated to a single skin each because they got added too early as Legendary skins and not their own survivor, survivors are basically just skins anyways, I feel like it should be possible to add additional skins for those characters.

I understand not all characters that have been added as Legendary would have the same potential for additional skins like Chris or Claire, but even so I feel like at least let people have like a bloody variant of the skin if they want. It just is kinda lame that you can wear Chris' BSAA uniform as Felix Richter but not as Chris himself.