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Sadako's Demanifested Invisibility Was Nerfed, Not Buffed AND Is Bugged Being Out Of Sync.

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 Description of the issue

As per her 3.0 rework as stated from the patchnotes of BHVR:

"Increase De-manifested state invisibility duration from 1 to 1.2 second"


So she is supposed to be completely invisible for a total of 1.2 seconds while she is demanifested (the state where she teleports and cannot hit survivors).

However, every single time I have timed this, it ends up only being around 0.7-0.8s (abit of variability in frames can account for the slight changes) more often than not at the latter end of 0.7s around 0.73s. Meaning not only was this ability not buffed to 1.2s, but it was actually nerfed.

Not only this, but if you combo her current basekit invisibility time with the addon Reiko's watch (an addon that increases invisibility by 25%), her invisibility goes to about 0.9s.

This means that the buff that was supposed to improve her basekit invisibility not only was not buffed and instead was nerfed, but it's still worse than old basekit with the addon to buff it.

This is one of the only OBJECTIVE buffs she got in her entire rework and it's actually a substantial nerf. My guess is you went the wrong direction when trying to buff it and instead of adding .2s, you removed .2s.

Now only this, but the time you are invisible on the survivor side vs the killer side is not synced up. There is about a 0.23s differential so the longer you stay demanifested, the more out of sync this becomes to the point where you could be completely invisible on your killer perspective but completely visible on the survivors side.

 Steps to reproduce (if possible)

Just demanifest and time how longer you are demanifested. To see it be out of sync move on the killer client as soon as you go invisible and have a survivor client stare at the killer, you will clearly see Sadako is still visible.

How often does this occur

Literally every time you demanifest.

I created 2 indepth videos on it. The first showcases how out of sync the demanifestation is between the killer and the survivors client, the second video showcases how much lower her invisibility while demanifested is compared to what it should be.

For smaller quick clips to quickly go back on, I've got these

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    I knew it!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one whose noticed the new base invisibility duration seemed shorter than it should be. Had a friend test it out with me a couple of months ago, and we ran into the same results.

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