PC - Trapper and caught/downed survivor cannot move nor attack after shack pallet trap triggers

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So basically as a Trapper on any map that has got a shack (And even Lery's memorial under the office with the armchair's window) If you place a trap on the outside side of the killer shack pallet's doorway in a way that survivors vaulting or throwing down the pallet (from inside to outside) would get caught in the trap, a few glitches happen:

Survivor cannot escape from the trap on their own and other survivors cannot free them, trapped survivor wont scream when they step into the trap (even without calm spirit perk), triggered trap model looks open even though it should be closed on the survivor's leg. The caught survivor can get out from the bug if the killer hits them, and they will be able to crawl away HOWEVER the trap will stay open and glitch any other survivor that steps on it, Trapper cannot pick the trap back up or reset it, and if the trapper steps on the trap or tries to grab the trapped survivor without hitting them they will be stuck for the whole game with no way to get unstuck, forcing player to DC. As stuck trapper you can turn around but turning will be somewhat jittery instead of being smooth like normal and you are not able to move, attack or place traps if you have them on yourself.

Steps to reproduce:

Play trapper

Find killer shack, put a trap on the outside side of the shack pallet doorway, not outside on the ground/grass but near where the wooden floor and the ground touch each other.

Get survivor to drop the pallet and vault over it from inside to outside, falling in the trap. You'll be stuck now

As trapper pick up the caught survivor or hit them and step into the trap after breaking the pallet

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