Strong Discontent with Unjust Bans, Time Penalties, and Blood Point Stripping in Dead by Daylight

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Dear Support Team/Dead by Daylight Staff or to whom it may concern,

I write with deep frustration concerning the recent unjust bans, time penalties, and the stripping of my blood points in Dead by Daylight (DbD). Despite adhering to the game's rules, I've repeatedly encountered penalties that severely disrupt my gameplay and progression.

Initially, I was banned without warning and advised to check my internet connection, yet after confirming its stability, the issue persisted. This leads me to believe the problem stems from game servers or actions of other players, not my network or hardware.

Most recently, I was banned for downing two survivors this time before the endgame phase. As a Killer main, eliminating survivors is my core objective, and doing so within the game's mechanics should not prompt penalties. This ban is not only unjust but undermines the fundamental experience for Killer mains like myself.

Moreover, to add insult to injury, I discovered that my hard-earned blood points were also stripped alongside these penalties. This not only affects my progress but also adds to the frustration of facing unjust bans and penalties.

I strongly suspect these bans result from server issues or false reports from disgruntled players

. It's unfair to penalize based on unreliable reports or technical issues beyond players' control.

I urge a thorough investigation and request a review of my account's ban history, with the restoration of any unjust penalties and the return of my stripped blood points.

Furthermore, if bans continue for fulfilling the Killer role, it raises questions about DbD's purpose. The game thrives on the intense chase between killers and survivors, and penalizing such gameplay undermines its core essence.

As a dedicated player, these penalties deter me from investing further. I seek a fair resolution that preserves the game's integrity and fairness for all players.

If you need video evidence, I've recorded all my matches now, so its available upon request. Thank you.

Thank you for your attention to this pressing matter.



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