Survivors invulnerable to Xenomorph's Tail Attack when placing Flame Turret

Spengler Member Posts: 3

PC (but assumedly all platforms)- when a survivor is in the animation of setting up a flame turret, they are immune to being hit by the Tail Attack from the Xenomorph. Normal M1 hits work fine.

Additional information

  • Character played- The Xenomorph
  • Perks played- N/A
  • Map- Any
  • Frequency of the issue- Whenever the survivor is partway through doing the animation for setting the turret up. A normal M1 hit works fine and damages the survivor and destroys the turret, but if you initiate the Tail Attack at any time after the exact start of the animation, it goes right through them.

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  • Mooks
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    THAT is what happened in my Xeno game yesterday?? It’s a bug?

    I just assumed I missed as tail attacks are so weird with their hitbox. But yeah, yellow tip went straight to the immobile surv in animation and I didn’t get the hit, it was super frustrating 😅

  • Spengler
    Spengler Member Posts: 3

    Yep, it's a bug. Xeno's tail has some really janky moments with the hitbox, but it's especially prominent when trying to hit a survivor when they're placing a turret. If you hit them right as the animation starts it's fine, you hit them as you'd expect, but any later and it just goes through them.

    The hitbox seems to have a lot of janky moments, but most seem to come from when a survivor is midway through certain animations, the turret setup being the worst culprit.

  • SvenDaMan
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    I can confirm. I am a xeno main.
    Its more of a hitbox issue with the survivors rather than the tails hitbox. To hit those shots you have to aim way behind the survivors and swipe into them. Ofcourse I'd also rather have smoother hitboxes