It Takes More Puke To Get a Survivor Fully Infected


Step 1: Boot the game.

Step 2: Play as Plague in a public match or custom game.

Step 3: In game, puke on a survivor.

Step 4: Notice that it takes more puke charges to get a survivor fully infected.

Additional Information

Character Played: The Plague

Perks Played: Not applicable

Map: Not applicable

Frequency of the Issue: All the time whenever you play as Plague

Lately, I've been noticing something felt off about Plague's power. At first, I thought it was nothing until a fellow Plague player, Magi_N7, discovered that it takes more puke charges to fully infect a survivor in comparison to her previous patches. Below is an image of this (image originally from Magi_N7):

There was nothing mentioned in the most recent patch notes about this, so I assume this may be a bug of some sort.

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