Perk from Shrine not showing up on bloodweb



I purchased Lithe from the Shrine a few years ago, but I just recently purchased a new survivor (Jeff) and the perk is not appearing on his bloodweb. I have the perk on all of my other survivors, but I have gained all of the possible perks I can from Jeff's bloodweb and was not able to obtain it. I have attached screenshots of the perk on another survivor, and of Jeff's bloodweb with no perks left available to obtain.

Thank you!

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When you have a moment, please double-check Jeff's obtained perks; with the revamping of the bloodweb and prestige, once a Survivor is at Prestige 3, their tier 3 perks should be on all other survivors without needing to use the bloodweb.


  • hypothesaurus2
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    Hi, thank you for the reply!

    I do not have Feng, I only bought the Lithe perk on the Shrine. I looked through all of Jeff's perks, but do not see Lithe and it does not show up when I try to search for it either.

    Thank you again for looking into this!