Game Breaking Camera Bug

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PC - Steam (Windows 10)
How to reproduce - Bug always active in a match (even custom games)
How often does this occur - every match

In all of my games for the past week the in-match camera sensitivity has been incorrectly accelerated by the mouse pointer in the pause menu. When the mouse pointer reaches the edge of the pause menu the sensitivity will return to normal but only when moving in that same direction at the edge of the menu. When moving the camera the opposite direction away from the edge of the screen the bug will again take effect until the pointer reaches the other side of the pause menu. To be clear, the pointer moves in the pause menu whether the menu is open or not. Movement in the match always affects the pointer in the menu. This means the sensitivity is nearly always incorrect unless the camera moves in the same direction for a long period of time. Attached is a video that showcases the bug.

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