If you're the last survivor left, should you get the chance to unhook yourself?

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When you're the last survivor alive and get hooked, you instantly die, even if you hadn't been hooked prior to that. Do you think that you should at least get the chance to try to unhook yourself in this situation? I honestly don't see why not. Sure the killer will just chase you down straight away but you should be able to TRY.

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  • LegacySmikey
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    Thats how it used to be back in the day.

    I remember doing a 4% unhook & running almost the entire length of the map & escaping probably the best dbd chase I ever had!

    Got to keep in mind though base kit bt wasn't in the game then if you could unhook now meters from the gate you're out no matter what 99% of the time & every killer would litterally face camp you regardless.

    It does suck & it annoys me too when it happens but I can see why it is how it is.

  • MagicDragon
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    definitely if the survivor has deliverance, they should get a few seconds to unhook themself. rewards intentionally going down to buy teammates time to escape, gives you a chance to run to a gate. other than that i think it's unnecessary, wouldn't object to it but also wouldn't care if they never changed it.

  • JPLongstreet
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    This is my feeling as well. Keep everything as it is now, just allow Deliverance to work then if it's activated.

  • Xernoton
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    I don't see why, honestly. The 4% chance for a self unhook are outdated anyway and Deliverance when everyone else is dead only incentivises the killer to completely ignore you and close the hatch first. Or slug for the 4k.

    This however has the issue, that survivors will adapt to to this and start waiting at the exit gates to open them immediately when the hatch is closed, which only incentivises slugging for the 4k even more.

  • IlessThenThreeDevour
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    I am against the 4% mechanic in general, so with bias I will just say no, also I dont know exactly what this would solve

    Most likely would just lead to more problem with slugging and stuff

  • TheSingularity
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    Just 1 attempt, not 3.

  • Seraphor
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    I don't see the point. Killers will just camp the last survivor and down them again 10 seconds after they unhook.

  • weekendguy
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    Bad idea. If that happens, every round the killer will camp on last survivor's dead body and wait till bleedout.