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So, here is a chase I had on "tree" against knight.

Behaviour, please tell me - what is a counterplay to that?
I have 7k hours in your game and I still didn't figure that out.

To me it feels like newest killers are getting mechanics that do not give you much space for counterplay or outplay.

knight has it's AI guards
SM has the drones that you can't evade if killer can zone you,
chucky has it's scamper mode which always gives him free hits,
singularity has so many built-in features,
alien's hitboxes are terrible and also there is no such things as vaults against him,
and the unknown hits you easily through everything - even walls.

We are being fed up with that already.
Playing as a survivior is getting more and more miserable unless you are in 30k hours swf.
Also even if you are is such swf, there is 60% chance that 300 hours timmy is about to win a game, great balance.

I feel like you are forgetting that most of your playerbase are casual players which are not really great at the game - buffing killers over and over again makes their gaming experience miserable.
Thoughout a few years i've been playing DBD i lost so many friends that I was playing with everyday, they just don't find your game fun or worthy of their time.

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    you could just drop the pallet and play with guard´s IA intead of giving him 3 free hits, which is pretty easy on the cowtree

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    Well, at the end you could have taken the vault and likely gotten the banner or even went around the guard and definitely gotten the banner if you identified the kind of weird behaviour the guard was looked into. Other than that your only option is to run around a piece of clutter after getting spotted by the guard. At 40s you could run around the small wall behind you and go from there. If nothing else it would get you a few more seconds. I will admit this is not always too useful but actually very useful at shack when Knight players want to go for big cutoffs.

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    I get the frustration with knight and skull merchant, but singu has more than enough counterplay for survivors. And the same goes arguably for Unkown as well. No idea how those killers are problematic.

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    God help you if you go against artist at this loop

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    buffing killers over and over again makes their gaming experience miserable.

    Wanna tell me about those buffs?

    When we talk about generic killer gameplay, I know only about nerfs, unless you talk about patch 6.1.0, which is quite a long time ago…

    Then what specific killer changes you have an issue with? What killer got buffed you think is an issue?

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    You had two scenarios where you could've held w to the next loop when he was dropping his guard but instead decided to stay at the loop and get pincered. Both misplays. More difficult in a map corner though.

    That said, it's also not fair to the Knight when this is his play at the center of the map and you can just hold w there easily to the next loop. He has no counter play there. I'd argue The Knight has more loops where he just loses with no counter play than he has ones that are free hits.

    Knight does need changes though.

    A lot of your other examples of killers do have counter play as well.

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    You should have taken the guard hit way earlier and ran to main you zoned yourself back into the same loop. Your pathing was pretty awkward as well. Even if knight might have still gotten a hit you prob had enough distance to dh at a window or pallet at main. Cow loop is strong and all but you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re forced into a corner by a killer with zoning potential.

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    you allowed yourself to get zoned for free by running towards the cowtree, and then u did it again…. and then again x3??

    This knight didnt even have to do anything to zone you, you literally helped with him with that.

    Also at the start of the video we see a jungle gym with its pallet still up

    U just need to have a better pathin