Marta from Outlast 2 as a DBD killer?

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What would you all think if they added Marta from Outlast 2 into DBD as a liscenced killer?

For me I think her character design could work in DBD for the killer role and she has a lot of voice lines that could fit into the game for certain interactions.

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    she would be a great killer for the reasons you mentioned. +1 from me

  • Azulra
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    These are some potential voice lines she has that could work for certain interactions:

    Downing a survivor: "Be still."

    Injuring a survivor: "Take your penance."

    Hooking a survivor: "This way is forgiveness." or "Shut up! Shut your ######### trap!" (This second line is mostly as a reference to all the killer players who tell survivors to stop screaming on the hook which I think would be funny.)

    Entering match/match start: "The stray sheep must be corrected."

    Entering chase: "God don't hear dead men." or "Pray with me."

    Getting stunned: "Shame!" or "You have forsaken him." (The second one is because she views herself as being completely guided by god so hurting her would essentially be, to her at least, directly targetting god.)

    Idling/wandering(this is because she's known to just mumble to herself and such when she's wandering around in the game): "Yes, Lord, for this is holy ground." "Will you slay the wicked, Lord?" or "But where, Lord?"

    Edit: One of the lines she has got a word censored out, but you should be able to understand what it should be.