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Will Ghostface classic cosmetic ever be fixed?

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I really love ghostface's classic cosmetic but there's one thing that has always bothered me about it. The right sleeve is missing in first person. I know that this was originally to fix the visual of the sleeve taking up 40% of the screen when it first came out. But with how much dbd has evolved since 2019 I think it could be possible to make it so the sleeve is visible in first person but not taking up a huge ammount of the screen like before.

Especially with the fov slider.

Here is it with +15 fov:

It occurs whenever you use the classic ghostface cosmetic.

Here is a concept of how it could look (it's scuffed but you get the idea):

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. This has already been reported and it's currently under review by the Team: https://forums.bhvr.com/dead-by-daylight/discussion/391577/ghostface-classic-cloak-breaks-becomes-distorted#latest

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