What Happened to just doing simple map designs?

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I am just gonna be honest and say that I have not really enjoyed any new maps since dead dawg saloon, which was YEARS ago and even this one has the gimmic with the dozens of breakable walls.

Silent hill is filled with chokes and janky loops u cant smooth around

Racoon city is just "overwhelming" to play also I feel a lot of killers abilites and powers very inconsistent to use, and there are 2 variations of them so there is twice a chance u can get both of them in a row even with the supposed map prevention system

Eyrie of crow visiblity it awful and bit of a eyesore, also every single filler pallet on the map is connected to one or another

Garden of joy arguably has one of the strongest main buildings we have seen so far, a safe window connected to a safe pallet connected to rest of the map, and also the entire bottom street side is filled with pallets right next to each other within 1 meter distance.

Shatter square has everything blend in with eachother, making it pretty difficult sometimes to locate basic pallet loops, also I really dislike the atsmophere and color of the map, why on earth is it so red and orange:ish

Toba is supposed to be a outdoor map, but plays more like a indoor with all the debris and obstacles that exists everywhere, why cant we have some space and room to breath (no pun intended)??

A common issue I see a lot with the new maps are these weird tiles cause BHVR wanted to be more unique, but it just lead to more confusing gameplay if anything

I think the worst case of this is Toba as well as Nostromo and bit of Borgo

Greenvillie is honestly not the worst map and I dont mind it to much, but like garden of joy, every single filler on the map is connected with eachother and on top of that u have those silly new double pallet tiles, that I wouldnt mind to much, but with how many pallets exist on the map, it just makes it more difficult to play around if anything

There is a reason why maps like Wreckerds and coal tower is so well liked.

Simplicity = better gameplay.

Now should every map be like them? ofc not, but we already have so much variety and different type of maps, so maybe its time to take a break and return to older type of map designs for upcoming chapters

And I know many of the older maps also have their own issues, mainly gideon meat plant and haddonfield and I hope giden is getting a proper rework soon where loops are actually more playable

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    rpd is a good map tough it's actually one the best maps to learn as anew player pallets rng is verry low no random tiles and the clutter is almost none existent