What even IS MMR??

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I know the basic concept of what it's supposed to be, but it doesn't seem to be doing it's job. At all. For the last year or so I've had the same gameplay loop on Killer side: Get non-stop competitive top tier survivors, waste an entire day tanking matches to convince the MMR I don't belong with top tier try hards, get 4 or 5 normal and fair matches and start to enjoy the game again, back with top tier try hards, waste an entire day tanking again.

It's literally ridiculous at this point. What am I supposed to be doing here? Suffering through toxic try hards steam rolling gens in two minutes and abusing every poorly designed infinite loop in the game? Just grit my teeth and deal with it? Tried that, didn't change anything. I don't know how to explain this to you BHVR, but I am NOT a top tier try hard competitive player. Never have been, don't want to be.

The MMR needs a SERIOUS rework on the killer side, it is WAY too easy to level up in it. Struggling for an entire match to get one kill because you tunneled shouldn't increase your score. Getting steam rolled by competitive try hards with no hooks but a few downs SHOULDNT INCREASE YOUR SCORE. Take into account the entire flow of the match, how long did it take to get hooks, how long was spent in chase, how many stuns and blinds, how fast were gens done, at what point in the match did the kill happen, was it achieved through camping? SOMETHING.

Believe it or not, I really don't enjoy being thrown into a kindergarten match either, its not fun to watch new players run around uselessly knowing they have no clue what's going on. I just want some balanced matches here, is that really so hard to ask? Ok, I know it is, game design isn't magic, and I know you guys are trying, or I hope you are, but for real. MMR needs help. A lot of help.

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    I can think of two issues you're facing:

    a) MMR brackets aren't exactly small as far as we know. So you don't usually get matched with people of approx. your MMR but with people who have a lot more or a lot less.

    b) The "stoppers" (idk what the actual term is) between MMR brackets that prevent you from going back to a lower MMR bracket once you left it. It's not like it's impossible to go back afaik - but it takes quite a while.

    The latter is probably a bigger issue for you. Conjecture on my part but I'd say you're hovering around the MMR soft cap; below the cap you have matches that are alright cause you get matched with players that have the same or a lower MMR than you - more often lower than you. Once you move out of the bracket you're the one with the "lowest" MMR as you get matches with anyone who's past the soft cap.

    Idk, maybe they need to further increase the soft-cap soon-ish and create an additional MMR bracket between present soft-cap and new soft-cap. With comp DBD becoming more and more of a thing I suppose the "uhhh but there aren't enough players with an MMR that high and they q-times will be too long!"-line won't be true that much longer (if it even is atm).

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    So basically MMR doesn't exist in this game. Or you can say that vast majority of players are "High MMR". There's a softcap which is pretty easily to go up to and once you're here you can basically match with everyone who's in this softcap.
    As far as I know 1 kill considered a loss, 2 - draw and 3-4 gains you MMR. So you basically matching with these people cuz system is complete garbage and I don't know who can actually like it, it tryes to create some sort of variability but when it's that loose and random it's just feels misarable and boring. Even Emblem system was way better.

    I exprience kinda the same macthes as you are but on survivor side: You stomp baby killer who's under 1k hrs next match you go against 3-4k hrs sweaty Blight with full meta but it throws you teammates with like 200-800 hrs and ofc you will lose and next match it's either the same sweaty killer or it will give you newbie killer again who will do 1-4 hook stages and gets 0k. And the thing is it gives you good survivors against baby killers but against sweaty ones you get like 500 hrs Meg's when it's supposed to be other way around… And I don't really understand who is it good for? This type of "variability" is really unhealthy for the game.

    So this game either need a ranked mod with reworked MM cuz determining skill by just escape is way too stupid, emblem system was a good start for it but they chose the wrong way… DBD have lot of playerbase for it. Or at least make MMR more strict like it was at the very beginning (matches was way better quality vise at the very beginning of MMR) but not "strict strict" to not affect que times much cuz right now it's just way too loose.

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    yeah the mmr system is poorly done. My sister in law tried killer FOR THE FIRST TIME ever. And was paired with a p100 survivor and got me or two other high prestige players. She was a level 5 huntress and a first time player. Got bullied to all hell and hasn’t played killer sense.
    then while I was grinding to rank 1 as survivor I got the worst team. I had JUST hit rank 1 the match before. I got paired with BRAND NEW survivors and a hillbilly with 5k hours.

    I’m convinced the mmr system is a lie and we need the old rank system back

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    MMR system does work, matchmaking doesn't

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    What do you mean by "MMR system does work"?

    When I would say "MMR does work" I would mean that it assigns all players to their proper MMR and if someone has higher MMR/lower MMR than me then he's better/worse than me, at least within a small margin of error. You'll have a hard time convincing me that MMR is functional in that sense, though.

    If you mean "it exists and computes numbers in the way some designer specified it" then yeah, it does work.

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    If a killer or survivor has more escape/kills than other killer or survivor, they ARE absolutely better for pretty much all of the time

    So yeah, it does work, soft cap is a thing but more or less it's a soft cap

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    For the record, as Seraphor above alluded to, the two situations you highlight that shouldn't raise your MMR don't raise your MMR. In fact, they are losses, and they lower your MMR.

    I think a lot of people immediately look to the number itself when discussing where our MMR system is struggling, and I think that's misguided. As far as I can tell, the number you're assigned is pretty accurate- it's the actual matching portion that tends to cause issues.

    For one, there is a pressure that exists in all matchmaking systems for all games to prioritise speed over accuracy to some degree. Despite what any individual forum member might say - myself included - the average player does not want to wait multiple minutes for a match on a regular basis. So, the system has to accept a little inaccuracy, and that's unchangeable. That being said, the larger issue imo is the fact that the matchmaker breaks too frequently.

    As Seraphor above outlines, lobby dodging seems to be the biggest factor. Lobby dodging forces the system to prioritise speed WAY more than accuracy, and so you get wildly mismatched games fairly frequently when someone dodges, to varying degrees. I also suspect, though I don't know for sure, that the system widens the acceptable match range too much when there aren't that many good matches for you at off times, but to be fair I suppose that's probably necessary.

    Basically, in my opinion, the MMR number works fine - there's a reason it's standard to use wins/losses like this - but the matching portion is the part that causes problems.

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