The scar marks produced by the survivors are too far apart.

tagame Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3


Scar marks are displayed where the survivor has not gone.
Interrupted scar marks make it difficult to follow the survivor.

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Hi there! Can you please provide additional information such as Screenshots? Thank you!


  • tagame
    tagame Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3
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    Survivor entered the shed, but there are footprint marks in the back.

  • tyantlmumagjiaonuha
    tyantlmumagjiaonuha Member Posts: 470

    It has gotten worse every year since 2018 when I started playing the game and my friends and many streamers agree. It's especially bad on the indoor maps, with ground floor survivors' scratches floating to the second floor or splattering on the ceiling instead of the floor.

  • Jim_Tonic
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    can also confirm this, though i do not play since 2018, but even back in 2021 it wasnt so confusing following scratch marks.

  • crystalkitti
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    When you say "displayed where the survivor has not gone," is it possible:

    • …they were running Lightweight?
    • …they used Diversion?

  • MikhailVictor
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    Ever since 7.2.0 patch scratch marks have been completely messed up. This has been reported multiple times, there's been plentiful of info. Just revert scratch marks generation to pre-7.2.0 version.