PC - Killer Special Pallet Breaks Do Not Trigger Game Afoot

Celticbear Member Posts: 9

Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as killer in a public match and use the perk Game Afoot

Step 3 : Initiate chase with the obsession

Step 4 : Break a pallet using your power

Step 5 : Notice you do not gain the Haste status effect when you do so

I suspect all killers with special pallet breaks are affected by this bug, but I only tested it on Nemesis and Bubba, can't be arsed to do the rest. Below you'll find video footage of the phenomenon and my PC log.

Bubba Footage:

Nemesis Footage:

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review


  • NightHowlr
    NightHowlr Member Posts: 1

    Spirit fury doesn't trigger it neither, seems to be broken so it is only triggered by killer kick.

  • Kriszbio
    Kriszbio Member Posts: 5

    Demo M2 also not working with it