PC- Shrine of Secrets Buy Bug

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Shrine of Secrets Buy Bug

PC - For kicks, I clicked on a buy for a perk I already had at tier 3, figuring that if it was already at tier 3 it would refuse the sale. I'm a little bit of a coder, so I was curious what type of error it would throw. Here are the three screenshots, saved as 1, 2, and 3, to show what I mean. Note Lorie's level and perk hover, consistent currency window through all three screenshots, and drop of shards from one shrine screenshot to the next. If possible, I'd like my 6k shards back (2 of which were to write this bug report), but if not, no big deal.

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    you got the 100k bloodpoints that the game says it will give you if you purchase the maxed out perk again. you had 852k and now have 952k, or am i misunderstanding the problem lol

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