Terror Radius is Heard as Oblivious Status Effect Wears Off, Regardless of Killer's Location

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Platform: PC (Steam)

Description: As the Oblivious status effect wears off, the Killer's terror radius is briefly and suddenly heard as if the Killer were right next to you. It does not matter how the Obliviousness was inflicted, this happens across all Survivors, Killers, Perks, Powers, Addons, etc.

In this video, notice how the instant the Oblivious status effect wears off, the Killer sounds like he is right next to me for a split second, despite being quite far away from me. (They were running no perks that affected the size of the Terror Radius.)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play a Survivor, and have the Oblivious status effect inflicted upon you by any means
  2. Notice how the terror radius will sound like it's right next to you as the Oblivious status effect ends

How Often Does this Occur: Every time the Oblivious status effect is inflicted and ends


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  • sizzlingmario4
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    This actually also happens in the opposite manner too: If you are in the killer's terror radius when you get the oblivious status effect, it will briefly sound like the killer is right next to you for a split second (when they are not) before the terror radius disappears.