Survivor Stuck after thrown by Wesker

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  • Platform: PC
  • Map: Yamoka Estate- Sanctum of Wrath
  • Killer: The Mastermind/Wesker
  • After being thrown by Wesker into a post near stairs, instead of being injured survivor was stuck in the small gap between the post and stairs. Survivor was stuck floating in the air and could only crouch and rotate. Killer can leave survivor stuck, as survivor has no control over getting unstuck.
  • If survivor is grabbed by wesker again, the survivor becomes unstuck. However, the survivor model breaks. Survivor model becomes stuck in the wesker grab animation, overlaying the walking/running or any other animations. Survivor can still work on gens, heal, etc. After a short time of standing still model fixes itself.

  • Steps to reproduce (possible);
  1. Healthy survivor standing near/infront of post.
  2. Wesker uses power to either grab or throw survivor into the post.
  3. Survivor becomes stuck in air above small pole
  • Image of instance where it occured, with direction that survivor was thrown/grabbed at by wesker.
  • Occurance: Rare, but unsure if it doesn't happen everytime as have not tested.

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