PC - GeForce issues

TheEmeraldTuber Member Posts: 41

Step 1 - Boot the game

Step 2 - Observe that NVidia recording no longer works - any desktop recordings in progress also stop. NVidia visibly turns on and off, as the icons representing NVidia flash.

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  • yaeguuji
    yaeguuji Member Posts: 2

    same issue too! nvidia overlay no longer works in game, clips barely working. any clips i do manage to get have no video, only audio

  • TheResidentEvil
    TheResidentEvil Member Posts: 21

    experiencing this aswell!! hopefully it's fixed soon :<

  • n000b51
    n000b51 Member Posts: 436

    Same issue.
    I've tried a previous version of GameReady but it changes anything to the problem: GeForce Experience is slow to display, shortcuts to record don't work anymore or it just record few seconds before to deactivate the replay again…
    Forced to use OBS to record a .mkv file instead.

  • Batusalen
    Batusalen Member Posts: 1,242

    This seems to be a problem with Geforce Experience itself and not DbD, as it also happens in other games. There are two solutions right now:

    • Downgrade to Geforce Experience 3.27, as it is the last version with working recording right now.
    • Go to Privacy settings and allow Desktop recording. It worked for me at least, even if the overlay still doesn't work in game.