Nurse Blink Grabs Don't Let You Decisive Strike

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Me on Nurse on Steam, Adam is on Xbox. The rest are PC steam.

Play as Nurse

Hook survivor that has Decisive Strike

Blink and grab the survivor after they are unhooked by any means (locker vault, window vault, pallet vault)

Decisive Strike skillcheck procs and then the survivor succeeds it, and it does not stun the Nurse. They also cannot wiggle after this.

Upon rehooking (WITHOUT DROPPING AND PICKING AGAIN) the survivor still has DS for the next hook.

If you drop the survivor and pick them again after the failed DS, You will get the DS notification on the top right and the survivor gets the "Killer Stun" score event, although none of these have happened. This will eat their DS unlike the previous version.

This video has all of the different variations we found and the original game when we did. Sorry this is all from the Nurse POV but the audio of my teammates is accurate to what was happening, and the first clip shows survivor POV. We originally thought it was only Coal Tower main building as we had ONE Successful time on the Ormond Tile locker, so we thought it was double lockers, but it is not the case. The ormond tile is perhaps a fluke, that was the ONLY Time we ever had the stun succeed on a blink grab, however his animation was also further along in that clip.

This previous post found this as well but they did not know why, and we tested to see the extent.

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