Ultimate Weapon not causing screams

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Had a match against someone with Ultimate Weapon, and they procc'd it about 3 times. The first time, my character screamed. The other two times, no scream. I asked the killer (live TTV) after the fact if they were seeing the notification (the red bubble you would normally see if a survivor screams) and they said yes, but neither of us heard a scream. My character also didn't do the screaming animation.

It still correctly applied the Blindness status (hence how I knew it was trying to get me to scream.)

PC, Steam (the killer was console)

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  • The_Yosh
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    I had this before and it actually got me killed. I saw them check locker, I saw the blindness, but I didn't scream so I kept hiding. They walked over to me and killed me. If I had have screamed I would have ran.