Female Ai Singularity voice


I've been replaying system shock 2 recently and thought similar to how skins are done for the unknown perhaps a new outfit for singularity could have a female Ai voice replacing the male one,something similar to Shodan in a sense. (probably wouldn't be that difficult since its a tts voice) :D


  • dbd900bach
    dbd900bach Member Posts: 581

    This would be incredibly cool to have in the game, though I'm not sure how hard the devs would stick to Hux's identity in making this decision.

    According to lore, Hux is above most if not all human concepts which include a gender identity. He defaults to he/him or it because that's the outside perspective the crew had of Hux, plus the deeper but monotone voice. Simply making it higher pitched though excluding the above would probobly be pretty easy. Maybe I'm just making it a lot more complicated than it really is.