Ideas to make Singularity feel better to play


Singularity's base design is so good and he's almost a perfect killer. I don't wish for him to receive a rework or make him oppressive or overbearing to play against. Here are some ideas I had that would make him less clunky.

  1. Remove the anti-camping slow down. This feature made sense when he was first released, but now with anti-camping being base kit, its extremely unnecessary. (Fun fact: you still get slowed after hooking a survivor that's dead on hook)
  2. EMP's passive printing should stop at 80/100 seconds. This would mean survivors still have to spend 5 seconds to get an EMP and can't just grab one mid chase.
  3. Have two different range amounts for the EMP, one for bashing biopods, and the other for getting rid of slipstream. Decrease the range of getting rid of slipstream. Survivors should have to get close to their teammates to cleanse their slipstream from 1 EMP, not be 10 meters away. I think something like 6 meters would be nice. Let me clarify that the range for bashing biopods is good and should stay the same.
  4. Biopod placing logic needs some changes too. Small objects and random foliage have a really annoying effect on placing biopods.
  5. PLEASE! Make it so you CAN'T shoot biopods if you aren't aiming at an infected survivor or at an area a biopod can't be placed in. You have no idea how many times I'm 1cm away from a valid place to put a biopod, then I move my mouse a little bit, then I shoot at an area I can't place it in. The cooldown for shooting biopods is pretty short, but its so annoying having to wait after shooting a biopod that won't place.
  6. Lastly, change the biopod shooting spawn range from 22m to 25m,, and the biopod maximum lock on range from 20m to 25m.

I get that these buffs would make singularity better by quite a bit. So here is a suggested nerf to compensate

  • Slipstream spread is REALLY powerful. It only takes 2 seconds for it to spread with a range of 6 meters. It should be MUCH slower. Like a full 10 seconds for it to spread with a range of like 4 meters. A lot of the time it feels really unearned for me to infect 2 or 3 people without using my camera at all.

I also noticed that the way his infection works is one of the worst in the game. Here are a couple of observations I made

  • Survivors lose infection once they're hooked. Plague, Nemesis, Pyramid Head, Wesker, Ghostface (not really an infection tbh) don't have this problem. The only other killer I can think of that loses their "infection" once a survivor is hooked is Freddy, and he's terrible. I get that this is meant to prevent tunneling, which is fine, but why do other killers get a free pass? Wesker recently got nerfed in this aspect, but the survivor is still infected after being unhooked, just with a 1% infection instead of 50%.
  • When a survivor cleanses their infection, you do NOT get killer instinct. Wesker and Nemesis both have this feature, maybe its tied to RE lore in some way. And I guess plague can see which fountain was used up.
  • There is an unlimited supply of EMPs. Wesker and Nemesis can run out of sprays/vaccines in a long match. Plague, Freddy and Pyramid Head also suffer from this. However, Plague benefits from survivors cleansing and its pretty hard to get rid of PH's infection. Freddy just sucks lol.

Let me clarify that I DO NOT think his infection should be EXACTLY like other killers! I don't think all three points I mentioned above should be changed. If I had to pick one, I'd pick the killer instinct one. It wouldn't be a crazy buff, but it would make sense.

Please let me know your thoughts, I was going to make a video on this, but I wanted to hear some feedback first.


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    I too hope for some QOL changes for him to make him easier to play.

    He has a great design.