Chaos Shuffle Gives No Perks At All

GeneralKynobi Member Posts: 8

Played a game of the new event and my 2 friends didn't get any perks at all. We all play on Steam. This might have happened because I equipped the randomly assigned perk archive in Tome 17. I think the devs should extend the event by a few days to make up for it since I've seen it on other people, and also just because the game mode is fun. :)

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  • Floofzy_Kitten
    Floofzy_Kitten Member Posts: 68

    I had this happen to me too

  • Jareth
    Jareth Member Posts: 105

    I also had this happen but not on Chaos Shuffle. It was a normal game and all of my perks were removed once I was in the game. After the game I double checked my perks and they were there on the normal perk selection screen. I had the Bloody Rewards archive challenge (get 100k bp).

  • Chappers14
    Chappers14 Member Posts: 18

    I think it’s bug. I think it’s caused by levelling up while just entering the game.